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Confirming Duties and Viewing My Roster


Confirming Duties and Viewing My Roster 

How to confirm that you have seen changes to your upcoming duties and then view your full roster. 

We estimate that this will take 2 minutes to complete.

Detailed Explanation 

As there is a report/check-in to perform, when you log in, the check-in dialog will open automatically.  

Interaction 1 Click the Check-in button.

If there have been any changes to your roster, then the revisions to it will be shown. 

    Clicking on any of the lines shows additional information about that duty.  

Interaction 1 Click the NB6257 row.

The details for the duty are now shown. 

Let's expand this duty to see the details as well. 

Interaction 1 Click the NB6330 row.

Entries under the green lines are the changed duties. Entries under the red lines are previous duties.

 You have to confirm back to your planner that you have seen these changes and understand when you are needed for your duties.

Interaction 1 Click the Confirm button.

You have now confirmed your duties. Let's continue to take a look at your roster.

Interaction 1 Click the Menu button.

Interaction 2 Click the My Roster button.

Interaction 1 Click the Wed 2nd October row.

Your upcoming duties for this roster period display. You can click on any line to expand it and see the details of that duty. 

You can navigate between roster periods using the Previous and Next buttons.

Any rostered activity can also be further expanded to show more detail. 

Interaction 1 Click the NB6191 cell.

The details are now shown.


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