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Vacation Bidding


N-OC Vacation Management is designed to help the Planner and crew to manage the yearly vacation planning.
The development is still in a premature state, which mean that some functionality is still missing such as:
·     Quota Graph
·     Reports
·     Warning if Quota is exceeded
·     Priority
The system consists of these modules:
·     Season Type and Seasons
·     Leave Quota Group
·     Leave Quota
·     Leave Group
·     Leave entitlement
·     N-OC Mobile
Before we can start, some settings has to be done:
Reference Activities
You will need a Vacation reference activity
Roster filter
Filter is “ActivityCode(String)” and Code(string)
Setup Parameters:
Reference Activities
Selects activity that will be used when granting vacation bids
Roster Filters
Select filter that will be used to determine what vacation activities can be requested for cancellation
Email address to which vacation cancel requests are sent
Template of vacation requests email. {{hr}} will be replaced with EmpNo and {{request}} will be replaced with vacation days information
Count of VacationPlanner phases
e.g. VacationRequestDeadline
Roster Filters
Select filter that determines what vacation activities can be swapped
HRE - number
Number of allowed active vacation swap requests
Vacation swap has been accepted: {{swap}}
Specifies email template used in confirming vacation swap. {{swap}} will be replaced with swap information
Specifies email address used for sending vacation swap requests to planning stuff
Vacation swap change: {{swap}}
Specifies email template used in vacation swap email requests to planning team. {{swap}} will be replaced with swap information
Somebody wants to swap vacation with you: {{swap}}
Specifies email template used in initiating vacation swap. {{swap}} will be replaced with swap information
Vacation swap has been rejected: {{swap}}
Specifies email template used in rejecting vacation swap. {{swap}} will be replaced with swap information
Set of rules used when swapping vacation activities between agents
Reference Activities
Roster activities to show on Vacation Planner page
Is vacation bidding blocked by roster activity on the same day
Now we can start:
Season Type and Seasons
Seasons Type:
To control the vacation distribution, you will need seasons.
To start we create a season type for the preliminary bid period and one for the secondary bid period.
In this example called Vacation P1 and Vacation P2
Create a new season.
Name is mandatory (use a name that is traceable).
Type: Refer to the Season Type.
Start/End: Vacation period
Planning Start/End: Period open for bidding.
Publish Date: Date the vacation is published to crew.
Archive Date: After this date no changes can be made.
Leave Quota Groups and Quotas
Quota Group:
To control the number of vacation days that can be allocated to a crew group you need to make a Quota Group
Note: The period must have the same duration as the Season
The quota is used to control how many crews that can be on vacation in the selected period.
Create new Quota and attach it to a Quota group.
Valid From/To: Period where the quota value is valid.
Value: The number of crew on vacation per day
Margin: Is used to indicate that you are allowed to exceed the Value.
You can have several periods with different quotas.
Note: You can’t create a period that start before the current month. E.g. if current month is SEP18 you can’t make a period that start AUG18
Leave Group
The Leave Group is where you specify the rules for the allocation and bidding.
Phase 1 or 2: 
Season type: 
HR resource filter: 
Select mode: 
Limit number bits: 
Limit number of awarded days off:
Special Rules:
Ranking Type 1 – 3:
Rotation Group Order:
Balance rules:
Phase 1 is the preliminary bid period, Phase 2 is the secondary bid period.
Refer to the seasons when the period is open.
Who does the rule apply to.
Fixed – length and start date is fixed, Flex - length and start date is flexible.
number of available Vacation days.
Leave Entitlement or Balance.
With the above setting it means that you have 30 bids avl, but as the length is 7, “one” bid will be of 7 days length.  The parameter control “Bids Available”
Leave Entitlement or Balance.
?? no effect in bidding phase
Employment date -First come first serve – rotation groups – days since last vacation – available vacation days.
This is used to control the distribution order.
You can make subgroups of the HR filter Group and rotate the groups every year. It is a manual task to rotate the groups.
Apply to the balance rules. See above.
NoteCurrently there are no link between Balance rules and leave groups.
Manual adjustment of Leave Entitlement
Search for Leave Entitlement.
This function allows you to enter individual leave entitlements.
Select New
Search for the crew.
Enter the new number of entitled days and possible extra days.
Crew Bids in N-OC Mobile
When selecting the Wheel  crew will see all the available options.
We will select Vacation Requests.
In the top left corner you will see the status before the award but after some bids has been made
Make a bid by click on the period you want.
In our example default is 7 days from a Monday.
You see the which group you are in, several groups can be listed if you e.g also belong to an instructors group.
Your bid rank, in this example you are 43 out of 177.
At the moment your bid rank is “1” because no one else has bid.
Available days off is the Quota.
You are asked to confirm your bid.
Enter a comment
Your balance now look like this.
Lost bid
When you made your initial bid you were number one, after this a person with higher rank bid for the same period. So, you have lost the bid.
To cancel the bid and release the days 
You are asked to confirm your bid.
Enter a comment
Your balance now look like this.
Lost bid
When you made your initial bid you were number one, after this a person with higher rank bid for the same period. So, you have lost the bid.
To cancel the bid and release the days 
The award process:
To award the bids you have to use the auto rostering tool
Enter the period you want to award
Enter Human resource. For vacation allocation the other parameters are not relevant. 
Create a template that is linked to the Leave group in question, and Click
The first process will load the bids and crew from the vacation group. 
If you are happy, click PostProcess
The result is shown in the grid. 
Tick the bids and Submit
In this result you can see that another person got the period of you second request.
Click Submit and the result will be placed on the roster.
Awarded or Not
The crew can see that the first week was awarded the second week is taken by someone else and the 3rd bid is still open.
The planner know it was due to a legality problem that 3rd bid wasn’t awarded.
The balance now look like this
Second Round:
We are now ready for the second bidding round.
For the round we use different setting for the length and flexibility.
Crew shall now select Vacation Requests Phase2
The process is the same as for the first phase, except that you have to change to the rules for 2nd phase.
SWAP Vacation
Swap of vacation is controlled by rules and filters specified in the setup parameters.
The function is initiated from the
Select the day you want to swap
Select the person you want to swap with, go to the bottom of the dialog and select swap
You will get this confirmation and an Email will be sent to the planner.
Note: there are no automatic approve, all request will be handled manual.  


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