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Password credentials


N-OC handles many airline business processes from planning, through to post production, and all from the same web URL. 
For example, the tasks of a commercial planner are  quite different to those of a crew-planner, or a flight operations user.  This means that each user (that belongs to a user group) needs a unique toolbox of functionality. User functionality (the toolbox) is driven by user credentials, so that the user only has access to the functionality required when logging in to N-OC.

User groups and users

The user password credentials determine the data and functionality availability to the user. In this way the user only has access to the information needed to get the job done. 
N-OC uses the user credentials to setup user groups with various access rights.
All users must belong to a user group or groups. (The user may belong to one or more groups). 
For more information about setting up user access, please contact your system administrator. 

User groups and users

Your system administrator can create user groups, and users and activate / deactivate functionality for each user group.


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