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Jira Support


If you are a registered N-OC user, you will also have access to our Support portal - Jira.

Aviolinx Support Portal - Jira

  • You should use the Aviolinx Portal to: create tickets, send additional information or to simply check on the status of your tickets (preferred method). 
  • We only allow licensed customers to use the Aviolinx Support portal. 
  • When you send a ticket you automatically receive and email with the ticket number. 
  • At the same time, 1st level support receive email notification that a new tickets requires action.
You can also contact us by:
  • Sending an email: support@aviolinx.com or
  • Calling our 24/7 support phone line: +46(0)8 601 7960

Support levels

Aviolinx have three support levels to assist you:

1st Level Support

1st Level Support carry out primarily administrative tasks. The main duty is to monitor all tickets, to keep the customers informed, to ensure that Aviolinx Support have enough information to investigate the ticket, and to act as a link with our customers. 
  • Monitor incoming tickets and ensure that customers receive a response as quickly as possible.
  • Where necessary,  log tickets  (example: Customer phone call).  
  • Make sure that Aviolinx Support have enough information to proceed with the investigation. (Tip: Screenshots are always useful).
  • Carry out a preliminary investigation and try to resolve the issue. 
  • If 1st level cannot resolve the ticket, they assign it to 2nd or 3rd level Support. 

2nd level support 

Receive tickets that are assigned to them by 1st level Support. They investigate and verify (reproduce) the problem. If they can resolve it themselves,  they inform the customer.If they cannot resolve the ticket then they assign onto 3rd level support.
  • Receive tickets assigned from 1st level support.
  • Investigate ticket and try resolve it.
  • Unable to solve the ticket? Verify (reproduce) the problem and assign to 3rd level support.
  • Ticklets are not always bug and problems, they may be "how to" questions - how to use N-OC, how to set up the funtionality in N-OC, how to set up User Preferences etc
  • Internal testing of new functionality in N-OC.
Training level
  • Advanced.
  • Extensive operational and technical training required (but not programming or design).

3rd level support

Is typically an application programmer/designer. They will take care of tickets that 2nd level support are not qualified to resolve.1st or 2nd level support will assign tickets to 3rd level Support. 1st level and 2nd level support receive assigned tickets from 3rd level (usually with the final solution) to inform the customer and close the ticket.
  • A ticket is assigned to 3rd level Support if 1st or 2nd level support cannot resolve the ticket. 
  • Action tickets requiring programming, new design or new functionality.
Training level:
  • Technical & product knowledge level - advanced.
  • Application programmer/designer.


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