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Tail Assign Wizard


In the N-OC Solution - (N-OC EARTH / N-OC CLOUD), the ‘Tail Assign Wizard’ automatically assigns lines of flight segments (sectors) onto aircraft tails (registrations), using certain options (criteria). 
Tail Assign is typically used in the following circumstances:
  • SSIM import of schedule into N-OC Solution (Schedule Gantt). 
    As the SSIM file does not contain any tail assignment information, imported schedule are displayed in the Gantt on so called ‘ghost’ rows in the Schedule Gantt (pending assignment).
    see below. All flight details (imported from the SSIM file) are or stored and displayed in these ghost rows in the Gantt. The next step is to run Tail Assign Wizard to move the flight segments from the ghost rows to an aircraft tail (registration) row.
  • Tail Assign Wizard may also be run for flight segments that are already assigned to some specific tails. 
    For example, if the user had previously assigned segments to tails using LIFO method and wanted to run it again using FIFO, or to resolved a IROPS or aircraft Maintenance situation etc.

Ghost Rows

The ‘Tail Assign Wizard’ uses the inbuilt N-OC Rule Engine to assign flights segments considering the following methods and options:


  •  ‘Last In Last Out’ method (LIFO)
  •  ‘First in First out’ method (FIFO)


  •  Ignore Onward
  •  Skip Check versions
  •  Skip Check Aircraft Types
  •  Ignore Maintenance
  •  Minimise Fleet
  •  Rotate only legs on selected AC
  •  Allow splitting schedules


  •  ‘Turn-around Rules’ - (default TA times used)
  •  ‘Replace Turn-around (Minutes)’ - (replace default TA times)
  •  Reduce Turn-around (Minutes)’ - (reduce the default TA times)
The user can decide which group of flights to include in the Tail Assign run by selecting a combination of: Aircraft Filter, Leg Filter, or by selecting specific Aircraft (registrations), 

Aircraft settings

Minimum / Maximum block hours can be set here by aircraft registration:
This is useful if user want to avoid using a specific registration for long haul flights, and to ensure the it is used up to a specified number of block hours etc. 


When the user selects the Run button, a list of flights by tail number is displayed. This provides the user with the opportunity to first review the tail assign solution before saving it (and applying it in the Schedule Gantt).
If Tail Assign does not have sufficient tails to cover the ghost flights it will display the assignment as ‘ghost’ and they will remain on a ghost row after saving - See below:


To accept the solution, the use clicks on Save. The flight segments are then moved from the ghost rows to the aircraft tails (registrations) as shown on the left column of the list below.


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