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Rules Factory - Tab Presentation: Library | Calculator | Accumulator

For each calculator and accumulator there are some presentation settings, which are not affecting the calculation,

but they are used when presenting legality results (gantt, legality ruler, reports or legality detail check)

Result type - is used only in HR Wizard to determine the type of data the calculator outputs,

usually all calculators with option "Accumulated" selected, should have Result type defined,

otherwise they will be not available in HR Wizard.

Value display format - defines how to format the calculator output.


durationIIMM0466industry format
date timeddMMM HHmm14JAN 2331
numeric0.002number, optional two digit precision
numeric#.002.00number, two digit precision always
numeric0 km/h2 km/hnumber with unit


It is not required to define result type and display format for every calculator.

Legality will auto detect the result type, and will use default display format, which is defined under Rules Factory - Library/Presentation Tab)

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