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Navigate the Gantt

The navigation is common to all the Gantts in N-OC Earth.
Load period:
To change the period, edit the dates and click
A fast way to change the period is to use the shortcuts.
Enter the letter combination in the date field and tab away. 
Date ruler:
The dates for the loaded period are displayed on the upper row.
Note: Weekend or any other special dates such as national holidays etc may be be displayed in another colour. 
For more information, see Editors > Calendar > Calendar Days 
Loaded period: In this example we have loaded the period 27Oct to 04Nov
Zoomed period: 29Oct to 02Now
Zoom in or out:
When you point outside the lined area in the zoomed period you will see the  symbol.
Dragging the  will zoom in or out.
Move zoomed period:
When you point inside the lined area you will see the  symbol.
Hold the left mouse button and move right/left will move the zoomed period.
Zoom to one day:
Double click on a date and the gantt will zoom in to one day.
Keyboard: Use Ctrl Alt arrow left or right to zoom out from the highlighted period.
Split screen:
The screen is split in two windows, depending on the selections it can e.g be flight leg in the upper window and crew in the lower window.
The size can be adjusted by pointing on the separator line, when you see the  symbol  size.
The size of the windows when loading is controlled by the UserPreference parameter:
Period that open. Default is -15 Current day +15. Options are Day, week, month, year
Let the window float:
When you right click on a TAB you have the option to let the window Float.
 Select Float and the window will go in Float mode.
When you left click and hold the button you will see this symbol.
It allow you to dock the window in the Top, Bottom, Left, Right or Center part of the screen.
To end the Float mode, select  "Dock as Tabbed Document" and the window will go back to the default window.
Open multiple gantts:
You can open as many gantts as you want.
E.g. If you want two roster periods with different periods, select the  or Ctrl+alt+r
and a second window will open.

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