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In this section we will show you how to set up standard maintenance checks and insert them in the N-OC schedule Gantt for a specific aircraft registration.

How to set up a new Maintenance Check?

The maintenance concept consists of:
·     Reference activity
·     Maintenance Type
·     Maintenance Service
Reference Activities are used to define the colour of the Maintenance block. 
The user can choose a Reference Activity for the drop down list shown above.
Reference Activities are created under Editor > Company > Reference Activities 
Data Type: must be “Vehicle”
No Conflict: must be unticked to trick a station conflict 
Must be linked to the Reference Activity.
The user can choose a Reference Activity for the drop down list.
Maintenance Service:
The user can define the various kinds of maintenance checks that they need to be available from the N-OC Gantt. 
Typically these are defined by Station and Company as shown below:
First enter Name of service and select Company (provider of the service) and Station, where the Service will be performed. Tick Active and optionally Default.
Then specify details of the service - Maintenance Type (See Editors > Aircraft > Maintenance Types), Aircraft filter (See Editors > Aircraft > Aircraft Filters), Validity, Default Length, Sorting, Maximum and Frequency (days of availability).
After clicking on ‘Add’ the service is added to the saved list of services below and you can enter another Type.
A service can be deleted from the list by ticking the box next to the service and clicking on ‘Delete’.
Do not forget to click on ‘Save’ before closing the window.
For more information about setting up the Company information, click Editors > Company > Companies

Inserting Maintenance Checks

To insert a a Maintenance check, hold down/left mouse (or right ) click in the Gantt on the aircraft registration row until this window appears:
Note: The maintenance Icon is only visible if you have an active Maintenance Service and the User Group parameter MaintenanceSchedule is active.
Select   and a window like the one shown here appears.
Note:  Where the user clicks in the Gantt will determine the proposed start time for the maintenance check. 
The end time is taken from the default duration (in minutes) as defined in the Maintenance Service window - "Default Length".
The user can optionally change the date, and the start/end time.
Click on Next
Any related messages are shown here.
Click on Save 
The Maintenance check is then displayed on the Gantt.
Note:  Right click on the maintenance check to.....
edit the check    
or to add a note 
Show Maintenance Conflicts:

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