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Twin airports

A twin airport is used where a base has two close airports, and where crew can check in at both airports and check out from the twin. This is used by airlines where crew transportation between the twin airports is provided by public transport or by a company taxi service.


The connection doesn't require ground transportation and it will not create a legality warning.



How to link two airports as twins

Search for stations in the menu and select the airport. After, click the CONNECTIONS tab then the TWINS subtab. Click the NEW button.


  • The main base and slave base must be defined, but may be switched.
  • Both ways mean that crew members’ checkout times may be equal at both Main and Slave bases.
  • Select the validity period.


A screenshot of a computer

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A screenshot of a computer

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To link the two airports, click the ADD button.


On the roster, it is indicated with a green line (default color).


The color can be customized from the setup parameter GanttColors.



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