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The user can create new periods here based on the information provided in Period Rules.
These are typically for Roster periods but may be used for other period definitions later on.
The rules drop down come from the Period RULES
The CREATE button will create a new Period based on the selected rule and reference date. The reference date will automatically detect the next start date for the selected rule.
The dates shown in green indicate that the roster period has been published and on which date.
Mandatory, a good practice is to use an easy understandable name.
 Unknown, Roster, Request, Operations.
The rules drop down come from the Period RULES
Data Input Start/End
Mandatory for Request
This period is when it is possible for the crew to add requests, the period will normally be before the Start/End period
Planning Start/End
For future use.
Publish Start/End
For future use.
Production Start/End
For future use.
Archive Start/End
For future use.
UnPublish Period: 
If a period has been published from the Roster wizard it can be unpublished from this dialog.
Note: Unpublish shall be used with big care. When a roster is published it will be available for crew. This mean that if you Unpublish a roster and make changes, the crew will not be notified about the change.
Split Period
This option is used you for some reason want to split a period, so you e.g. can release a part of the period earlier.
Note that the name of the periods are added with the period.


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