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Actual Times

This grid is used for multiple editing of flight leg information, such as:

  • departure times
  • arrival times
  • delay amount
  • delay reasons
  • passenger figures.

You can overview a longer period of time as well as edit, add, and remove information in one place. Your actions will update the Schedule Gantt.

You can pull up the Actual Times icon by typing “actual times” in the search function. To enter Actual Times, click this icon:


After, follow these steps:

  1. Select a valid period. All your flights for this period will be visible. 
    • You can use Leg Filter to display only specific flights (i.e.: Schedule Flights, STC J).
    • These filters are built in Leg Filters and are visible in the dropdown.
    • You can also search specific flight by writing the flight number in the Name field. (i.e. NB372 or 372)
    • You can not combine Filter and Name fields.
  2. Click the SEARCH button to view the selected information.
  3. Enter the times, delay reasons, and delay times in the appropriate fields.
    • Format for delays are entered as HHMM or only MM (i.e. 10min delay is 0010 or only 10).
    • Up to four delay reasons can be used for each flight.
  4. Enter the required information in passenger (pax) figures fields.
  5. Click the SAVE button.


The flight legs are now updated in the Schedule Gantt display.

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