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Vacation Request

When selecting the Wheel  crew will see all the available options.
We will select Vacation Requests.
In the top left corner, you will see the status before the award but after some bids has been made
Make a bid by click on the period you want.
In our example default is 7 days from a Monday.
You see the which group you are in, several groups can be listed if you e.g also belong to an instructors group.
Your bid rank, in this example you are 43 out of 177.
At the moment your bid rank is “1” because no one else has bid.
Available days off is the Quota.
You are asked to confirm your bid.
Enter a comment
Your balance now look like this.
Lost bid
When you made your initial bid you were number one, after this a person with higher rank bid for the same period. So, you have lost the bid.
To cancel the bid and release the days 


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