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This is a similar procedure as described in Departure
To enter Arrival time information for a flight and send out the related messages, right mouse click on the flight leg and select : 
Input the following information:
  • Enter the estimated or actual Touchdown  
  • Enter the estimated or actual Block on
  • Add Supplementary Information (Optional)
Arrival delays:
Arrival delay codes are not IATA standard. Hovever, in NOC it is possible to enter 2 delay reasons that can be retrieved from API and Events. 
Note that these codes are NOT included in the IATA message.
The specif codes for ARR delays are specified in the Reasons
Click on ‘Next’ 
Notice a “missing departure information” warning is displayed if the departure details have not been input. 
Note: this does not prevent you from entering the arrival information.
Here is the Message window
When the user saves, the data is updated in N-OC and all messages are processed.
Flights with actual arrival information are shown on the Gantt with the color specified in Styles


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