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The Eye

The Eye option is you to control what you see on the screen.
Window 3:
Depending on the view settings the will change options will change.
Some options are the same for all views. Please refer to General all Gantts
Color & Height:
These two options work together, there are a small difference from the "Company Activity" view to the "Roster Block" view.
The Color option control if you see the Scheduled flight
the Actual flight.
The Height option control the height of the activities.
In Roster Block view the color option control if you see the flight data
Other options:
Company Activity view:
Roster Block view.
Window 4:
You have the same settings as for Window 3, but change the Color & Height doesn't make any sense, it will only make the gantt a mess.
Other options:
Hide Hotels:
Hotels will be hidden on the gantt.
Hide Rest:
The rest arrow will be hidden.  
Hide CICO:
Hide Check In/Check Out


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