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Messages Templates (in Automation Factory)

  1. Click the Automation tab.
  2. Click the Events subtab.
  3. Create a NEW a new template or DELETE an existing template.
  4. Enter a Template Name. with a meaningful name. This is mandatory.

  5. Select the DataType (area) where your data will be retrieved from.
  6. Name the Template, Template Type, and Header Template.
  7. Select which type of data element you want to add.

    Text: Plain text.
    N-OC:  Available data fields depending on which datatype you selected in Step 1.

    System: CrLF, Tab, CurrentUTCTime,Special Characters.
  8. You can define Receivers. Selecting a Com Channel is mandatory.


It is possible to format the data output.

  • Prefix- Add character before the data. E.g. (Prefix:-) = -PD123
  • Format- Work for DateTime and Integerations. Format the date. E.g. (Format:ddMMM) = 15MAY. Refer to: Data Fields
  • Suffix- Add character after the data. E.g. (Suffix:-) = PD123-
  • Not Valid- Not used.


You can build individual templates for APIS.

Select APIS from Template

You will find predefined templates that can be added.


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