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Station Taxi Times

Click this icon to enter the Station Taxi Times screen:

Station Taxi Time is set to 10 minutes in and out by default. This grid allows you to define other times through the settings and Aircraft Filters, such as:

  • different times for in or out
  • different times due to seasons
  • days
  • time
  • aircraft types.


You should have a Default entry for ALL stations. For settings for a specific station, choose that from the list. The stations available are the Active Stations from Stations.

Aircraft filters

The default filter should cover all aircraft. To have specific times for specific types of aircraft, choose that filter and these taxi times will only apply to these flights.

Valid from/to
This is the period the Station Taxi times are valid for.
Start/End time
You can create different taxi times throughout the day. You should ensure that you don't have overlapping times for the same kind of filter.
This represents the days of the week the station taxi times are valid.
Taxi Time
The minutes for the taxi time.

You can select IN/OUT/BOTH.  If there is a difference between In and Out, you need to make two separate inputs.

Priority 1 should be the rule with the least restrictions.

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