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In this section, we will briefly look at the various functions available from the Schedule menu bar in N-OC.

Date Display:

The dates for the loaded period are displayed on the upper row.
Note: Weekend or any other special dates such as national holidays etc may be be displayed in another colour. 
For more information, see Editors > Calendar > Calendar Days 
The dates for the zoomed period are displayed (in grey) on the lower row. 
Four hourly periods are also shown here. 
Use the view options to select/unselect information that is displayed in the Gantt
Time Mode:
Select a time mode to change the placing of flights in the Gantt. The flights are then displayed in the chosen time mode. 
Note: no changes are made to the flight schedules.
Stations are added or deleted in Editor > System > Setup > 'stationtimemode'. For more information, contact your system administrator. 
Date period selection:
The user can select the view period for the Gantt.
Either enter the From/To dates (as shown above) or use the calendar function to choose the dates.
Click on  to select the chosen period.
Zoom function
Inside the loaded period, the user can select the zoom period to be displayed.
There are two functions:
1. Zoom in/out
The loaded period (6 days) is:
This is shown as follows: 
The zoom period is (3 days) displayed on top of the loaded period (11-13 October). To zoom in or out, drag from the left or right side to select the zoom period required.
2. Move zoom period
The user can also move the selected period to another date range in the loaded period. (But maintain the same day range – 3 days).
To do this, hold down left click over the vertical line in the middle of the zoom period  and move left or right to select another date range.
Tip: To change the zoom display to only one day, double click on a date.
The user can filter the information displayed using either the user-defined filter definitions or the standard filters, as shown below. 
Select one of the predefined filters and click on Show or Mark.
To activate the selected filter select either ‘Show’ or ‘Mark’ and click on the Refresh icon.
Click on to select and  to unselect
There is drop down selection for Dep/Arr stations. 
The user can use any combination of Dep/Flight/Arr to filter the leg displayed in the Gantt. Note: The flight number must be in upper case.
To activate the selected filter select either ‘Show’ or ‘Mark’ and click on the Refresh icon.
Adjusting leg opacity and row height
  • Leg opacity: Drag the leg opacity to the left to view the original schedule. Drag it back to the right to view the operational situation again.
  • Row Height: Adjust size of each row in the Gantt. 
  • DivRatio: Adjust the size of the schedule and operational pucks (leg blocks)
Here are a couple of examples:
Day Note:
To add a Day Note to any given date, right click on the grey date line. 
Click on the Date icon  
A day note is then indicated by a red triangle in the Gantt. 
Mouse over it to read the note.


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