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Emergency Lock State

In case of an emergency situation you might want to hide the flight and crew so non authorized users can't see the flight and crew onboard.
This tutorial will show how to configure N-OC

1. Project
Create a project with the shortcode LOCK.
We will use the project to tag the flight.
2. Legfilter
Create a legfilter that can find the legs with the project "LOCK"
Use the "ProjectShortCodes" and set it to "not qual" to "LOCK"
3. Special Role
Create a special role with the shortcode LOCK
4. HR Filter
Create a HR filter that will be used 
Use the "SpecialRoleShortCodes" and set it to "not qual" to ".*LOCK".
The .* will do that crew with multiple Special roles will be included in the filter. If you remove the .* only crew with one special role will be found.
5. User Group
We need to link the project to a usergroup.
In this example we have created a group called View Only. But you can do the same to e.g. the CREW group.
In the Schedule section set the filter for SCHEDULES to Emergency lock, and the rights to VIEW.
The same can be done for Station Operations.
In the Human Resource section set the filter for CrewGantt to Emergency lock, and the rights to VIEW.
The same can be done for Humanresources.
6. Scenario
Lets say something happens to a flight and you want to hide the flight and crew.
In the schedule gantt select Adhoc EDIT. 
Selcet the Project "LOCK", select Refresh - Next and Save.
In the tool tip you can see that the flight belong to the Pjoject "Emergency Lock"
Because you have the rights you can still see the flight.
In the roster gantt you can bring the crew to the top.
We need to assign the Special role to all the crew.
The easiest way is to use the MASS HRDATA INSERTER
Select Special role - Emergency Lock
Select "From Test Field, and enter the employ numbers.
The period should be a large period on both sides of the current date.
If we now log in to the VIEW only group and open the Schedule gantt we can't see the flight.
And in the crew gantt the crew are hidden.


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