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"Facilities" refers to the various agencies that are available at any given airport. These can be defined in N-OC and attached to a Station (airport). Facilities are very useful as quick access information for the user when using N-OC, and also for easily communicating with the station facility. 

Accessing Facilities

To access Facilities, click the Facilities button:

In direct relation to Facilities, you have the following that needs to be set up:

  • FacilityTypes
  • Facility Attribute 
  • User Group.

The user can click the facility from Station facilities, or Mobile view to send an email or Type B, call them by phone or VOIP, etc. The user needs User Group rights to Stations.

Mobile view

To make this visible in Mobile, these users need access to the User Group: Station. Each Facility Type is defined to which User Group it should be visible. 

Working with Facilities


The user can search for existing facilities either by Station or Facility Type.


1. To add a new Facility, click the New button and select the dropdown list. The Station and Facility Type must be created before in either Stations or Facility Type to be visible in the dropdown list.

2. Click the Next button.

3. Enter the information and add Facility Attributes as required. In this example, we have added a Facility Attribute 'Cell' and an Attribute value (the phone number).

4. Click the Add button then the Next button.

5. Click the Save button.

Note: Facilities may also be added from the Station window. 

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