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Aircraft Tracking Log

The purpose of the report is to track the actual  and accumulated hours and cycles of a single aircraft.
The accumulated values will be based on the start values from the Aircraft Wizard
The calculator labels you should use in this report is:
·     TAAH = Total Actual Airborne Hours including imported + actual airborne hours
·     TAAC = Total Actual Aircraft Cycles including imported + actual cycles
·     TAH = Total Airborne Hours including imported, actual and scheduled ABH 
·     TAC = Total Aircraft Cycles including imported, actual and scheduled cycles
If you use other labels you might get a warning like this:
Report Filter
List of save filters
Template name
The filter name used when you press Save
You can only select one aircraft
ABH Accumulated Label
Select TAAH or TAH
Cycles Accumulated Label
Select TAAC or TAC
Visability of the saved filter
Save Aircraft/ABH/Cycles/Period template. Period is not saved.
Valid from/to
The period defaults to todays date.
Time mode
Period template
Click run to create the report
When the report is created you can print or save in different formats.


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