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The Notification functionality in N-OC is for sending or receiving messages to other users or User Groups..
Let us see how it works:
User A is logged in as Support
User B is logged in as Alec
Logged in as Support, user A wants to send a message to user B.  
He clicks on the envelope
This dialog window appears.
The user clicks on 'Sent notifications' and starts to type in the user name 'Alec'. The name is shown below and the user clicks on this to select it.
Note: The user can send to multiple users or User groups.
In the example below, User 'Alec' and User group 'Administrators' have been selected.
Enter a subject 
Write your message here and click on "Send notification"
Two separate messages are created for each receiver, as shown here.
Logged in as User B 'Alec' wants to check his messages.
He can see that there is one unread message
The user clicks on the envelope icon to open the dialog and read the message. 
When User B clicks in the "Mark read" tick box...
the message is no longer displayed and ...
User A's notification windows will display this sent message as "Is read"


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