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Document warnings

This article shows you how to create document expiry notifications then send them to crew members automatically when they trigger a legality check.


As N-OC knows the expiry date, it can send the notification at a pre-selected number of days before they expire.

1. HR Documents

The documents that you want to include in the warning process must have the Notifiable option checked. This could be new documents or documents that previously exist in the HR Documents List.

2. HR Document filter

  1. Create a document filter.
  2. Make a free text entry and enter Expires <= DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(30). In this example, it will filter documents that will expire in the next 30 days.

Note: If you want to make the filter more specific, you can add more expressions.

3. Integration Factory

  1. Create a new document that holds the content of the message. Note: It must be of Datatype called Document
  2. Create the Template Text based on the following recommended template:  
    Fields in the message


    Free text.


    Will display the name of the document.


    Free text.


    Name of the crew.


    New line.


    Free text.


    Expiry date of the document.

    Note: Use ‘Text’ for free text boxes, and ‘N-OC’ for documents, human resources, etc. and ‘System’ to add other features such as starting a new line.

  3. Use the Test run button to check the output. To create the header of the message, create a new document. Note: It must be of Datatype "Document".

    Create the Tempate Text.
    Fields in the message
    Header for:Free text.
    DocumentName(String)This will display the name of the document.

  4. Use the TEST RUN button to check the output.

4. Business Job in 'Automation Factory'

Create a new Business job.




This is a mandatory field.

Job Type




Filter Type

The filter created in HR Doc Filter.



Com Channel Instance

Select the type of communication.

Additional receivers and


Any user covered by the filter selected in 'Additional Receivers'(optional) or have their email address added in the 'Addresses' field(optional), will receive all document warnings generated for all crew. 

Note: These options are meant to be used in a supervisory function.


Refers to the Email/SMS type.


The text message previously created in the integration factory.


The header message previously created in the integration factory.

Static Period

Fixed date range.

Period template

Number of days before current day, week, month, quarter, year, season, etc."


Days of week you want the job to run.

Time from/To

The period of the day you want the job to run.

Cycle Time

Time in seconds. 

Example: In this example the cycle should be 86400 seconds, as you will not get new expiries during the day.


The rule must be active.

The Email (or SMS) will only be sent one time when triggered, and is sent like any other message in relation to message curfews, etc.

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