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When you right-click a flight, you have the Fleet tracker Icon (Map).

When clicking the symbol, you can get the actual flight information from various sources, such as Google Maps, Flight Radar 24, or N-Tracker.


In this article, we will show you how to activate the map.


We will need a template that sends the Call sign to the Map provider.


1. Go to Integration factory and create a new template of DataType "Company Activity".

The template name may be selected freely, but is mandatory to insert, i.e.

Aircraft Tracking / FR24 / N-Tracking / etc.



Data Element


Flight Radar24




Text N-OC


2. Add a N-OC Data Element with the parameter "Callsign".

3. Select the Editor or Text checkboxes.

4. Define the template.

5. Select test data (flight).

Perform a test run.


1. Find the Setup parameter “ExternalFleetTrackerSettings”  

2. Enter the URL to the map provider.               


3. Select the template.

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