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Voyage Reporting


Voyage reports (VR) are available to the crew when they log into N-OC and also to normal N-OC users (depending on their user credentials). 

Note: The crew only have access to Voyage reports for flights that they have flown. Crew Planners and Operations staff may have access to VR for all flights.

To access Voyage Reporting:

  1. Go to the Human Resource menu item. 
  2. Click the Voyage Report icon. 
  3. Select the required date range. 
  4. Optional search criteria are: Flight Nbr, Leg Id, Crew Id, Aircraft type, and Aircraft registration.
  5. Click the flight, and all of the available options according to the setup parameter display.  


Any actual times received by handling agents or input manually in N-OC may also display. 

Note: A red asterisk indicates that wrong information is entered (or missing).



Note: A red asterisk indicates that wrong information is entered (or missing).

The available fields are controlled in setup.


Note: Refer to the end of this document for further details.


Flying Pilot

Select name from the dropdown.  

Departure Line Training

Pilot-in-command under supervision (PICUS). Select name from the dropdown.

Landing PilotSelect name from the dropdown.   
AirportSelect Arrival airport from the dropdown.
RunwaySelect the runway used. 
Arrival Line Training
Low Visibility Tracking



Fuel CompanyFrom
Payment Type
Fuel Receipt (number)
CommentEnter any additional information/comments.

Fuel Records
Fuel Type and QuantityNote: If you receive fuel from ACARS, it is important to set up ACARSFuelUnit.
Fuel On Board


Note: The above example is from a cargo operator.

Passenger per weightPAX weight divided into AD, CHD and INF. 
Passenger per Class

Specified per Aircraft configuration. 

Note: See Aircraft Configuration.

Dead LoadDead Load divided into Baggage, Cargo, Mail and Newspaper. Specified per Aircraft. 



Ground Services

Airport Ground services usedCabin climate  De/Anti Ice     FullRepeat  Type  Volume
StationsSelect ground services which are Specified in Facilities. 



Captain's Report


Engine Health Monitoring


Extra Information


Go to(System -> Setup)

There are seven configurations relating to Voyage Reporting in the Setup:

  1. VoyageOverrideActuals
  2. VoyageReportEnabledModules
  3. VoyageReportEnabledSections
  4. VoyageReportFuelBurnCalculation
  5. VoyageReportFuelCalculation
  6. VoyageReportFuelLoadTypes
  7. VoyageReportRefreshLegsWithSleipner.

Steps of how to set up Voyage Report handling in N-OC:

  1. Create a new User Group Voyage or alternatively use the User Group Crew, as shown below. 
  2. Click Crew and enable Voyage Reporting:  
    …or the Voyage User Group:  
  3. Add this User Group to all cockpit crew user profiles (not cabin) that need access to Voyage Reports.



If the actual times, delay codes, and Load information entered in the Voyage Report should override the details already entered in N-OC, then select VoyageOverrideActuals = True. If not, select False.


Here you can add or delete specific fields in the VR.


The various Voyage Report sections can be activated and deactivated. If they are deactivated, then they are not displayed when running Voyage report.


Sets custom voyage reporting fuel burn calculation.


Sets custom voyage reporting fuel calculation.


Here you can add or delete specific Fuel Load (Voyage fuel types) fields in the VR.


Defines if legs are recalculated on Sleipner side after voyage reporting.

Cabin Crew (Services)

Cabin crew may also use the Captain Report section of the VR to record and send information to designated distribution groups by meia. To set this up, cabin crew distribution groups are set up as User groups as shown below. 

Creating a new User Group:

  1. Enter name and email.  
  2. Select the Distribution group checkbox.

  3. The user selects one of these in the Captain Report section of the VR and adds the text. Once the user saves, an email is sent to the defined email address in the User Group. 
  4. Select to activate the message window: 
  5. You can activate/deactivate the Captain's Report settings under:  Setup -> CrewCabinDistributionGroups 

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