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Base month concept

The Base month concept is used if the Document expiry is not allowed to deviate from the Check month.
How Base month are used can differ from country to country.
E.g. a SIM with 6 month recurrent training with Basemonth in FEB, the ½ year check can be in AUG +- 1 month, but the yearly check can't be later than FEB.

Document setup:
In the document settings you have to enable Base Month
Crew Document
The base month is linked to the document data (not the transactions) and is shown with the month’s name. This means that the base month will not change as new transactions are added to the document. Any adjustments to the base month need to be performed manually.
For the concept to work in legality you need to have a special rule added to your library.  
Please contact Support for additional information and if this rule implementation suits your needs. 
The rule will check if the refresh activity is within the eligibility period and provide you with the necessary information. This check is also performed when running the HR Wizard and therefore will only update the document if the activity is within the given limits.
Document Report:
In the Documents Report, there is an option to group the report output by base month. (Shown as full month name or month short code)




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