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Catering Master Report


For access, refer to: Menu Schedule Admin > Catering Master Report

The layout is created by using dialogue windows: 'Own List',  'Custom Columns', and Catering Grid

These columns and lists are then displayed in the Catering Grid dialogue (see below). 


  • Columns Priority > Opnumber are not modifiable.
  • All columns to the right of Opnumber are modifiable.    

Filter functions:


Near to the 'Day of operations'


Tour Operators -  have an allotment of seats, (by compartments/class), made available to them by a specific airline. 


Closer to the day of operations, N-OC receives data from the Tour Operators as a text file, reads the timetable and creates a report for each catering company by station.


The text file includes: 

  • Total number of passengers - defined by: Adults, Children, Infants and compartment.  
  • Passenger names for special meal requirements (using standard meal codes). 

                            Sorting                                                           Filter

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