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Cumulative Flight and Duty Time Report

The Cumulative Flight and Duty Time Report is a report aimed to provide the accumulated value for different calculators and periods simultaneously. 

The regular Crew Calculator Report or the Accumulated Value report only provides the result of a given calculator in a defined period of time. This report does not use calculators, but is using accumulators which are defined in the Rules Factory. Each accumulator in the Rules Factory defines the period for which it accumulates, allowing it to show different periods in the same report. Note: The report will only require a date reference. 

To access the report, the user group needs to have access to “Cumulative Flight and Duty Time Report”.

The available report settings are as follows:

Reference Date This is the date to be used as a reference for the accumulators.
Report filterChoose a template that was previously saved from the dropdown list.
Template nameTo use custom configurations in the future, enter a template name and save it.
SortingChoose a filter from the dropdown list. 
Note: You can set ascending or descending order by clicking one of the radio buttons.
Filter OnIt is possible to filter either on Filter or on Human Resources
  • To use the filters, click the Filter radio button. After clicking, the dropdown list with filters is available and you can choose the filter that you need. 
  • To filter on human resources, choose the Human Resources radio button. You can now search and mark one or several human resources filters for the report. 
PublicThe template can be edited and reviewed by any user.
ProtectedOther users have no permission to edit the template. 
PrivateThe template is available only for the user who created it.
GroupingGroup the results of the report using up to three of these parameters. 
AccumulatorsList of accumulators available to be used in the report. You can include up to 15 accumulators in the same report.
Send as Email

Check this option to automatically send the report with the selected format to the selected email address. The email address of the current user is placed there by default.
Note: When selecting this option, no report will be presented on the screen. Also, for this to work, the setting “ReportDefaultComChannel” in Setup needs to be properly configured.

The reference date is used in the following way:

  • Rolling Day type of Rule: The reference date is the last day of the period, meaning the accumulation is done from that day backwards.
  • Rolling Month/year: The period which contains the reference date is used.

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