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Pairing Modification wizard

The Pairing modification wizard can be used to build pairings with flight legs and add Reference activities, or to build pure reference activity pairings.
Auto: If auto is unticked the properties for Base, Qual and Complement will be used, if ticked it is user definable when you move to the next window.
Local time: select if the pairings shall be made in local time, default is UTC.
Pairing Name: The pairing will be named after the first activity in the pairing.
BQC: Select the Base Qual and Complement.
Reference activities: Select if the activity shall be placed before or after the MARKED activity. Select the reference activity from the drop down list.
Open legs: In the list you will find all the legs that yet aren't in a pairing.
Note: It is important that you are careful with the date sequence of the activities, otherwise you will face problems.
Legality: Legality will instantly check for problems. 
Click next 
You will see the pairing before and after it was modified.
Click next and your pairing will be created

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