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Crew Complement


Crew Complement is used to define various Crew Complements, which can later be linked to legs using the Leg Complement Rule dialog.

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Adding a new crew complement

Enter the following information then click the Save button.

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Field descriptions


This is a mandatory field.


This is a mandatory field that can hold a maximum six characters.


This is an optional field. This field is mandatory if you are importing pairings from a different system. It shall then indicate the complement e.g. "1CA 1FO".

HR type of pairing

See HR Types

This is used ONLY if you create pairings. Note: This option is used if you create pairings with complements for individual types.

If the complement is both Pilot and Cabin, NO options shall be ticked.

Note: If the complement is used by the pairing optimizer, Pilot or Cabin needs to be selected.


Must be active to be used.


One complement must be default, it will be used if no filters match a flight.


The complement is locked, which means that it can't be broken e.g. when using the trade concept.


The complement is defined for training sessions.


The complement is defined for flight legs.


Crew complement filtering and ordering

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Crew Category - HR filter.

Minimum and Maximum

The number of crew. Minimum and maximum need to have the same value.


Display order.


Additional crew.

Special Roles

Special qualifications.


Crew coverage filters

This is important to understand when you use the coverage filters. The coverage filter will only mark the flights that have the same filter in the crew complement.

Note: All HR filters that are used in a crew complement will be available in the crew coverage filters.

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Crew complements for Trade and Open Time

For the crew to be able to pick up, drop or swap parts of pairings it is necessary to create crew complements that will cover the loss of positions in a pairing.

For example:

Complement for a pairing is 1CA, 1FO, 2CA. 

If a FO is assigned to this pairing and decides to drop a part of this pairing, new pairings will be created with only a FO position. The dropped FO pairing will be unassigned, and the part of the paring the FO kept will be assigned to the FO. 

The modified pairing composition will now be 1FC, 2CA.

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For the system to pick up the correct crew complement after such a split, there needs to exist a 1FC, 2CA complement.


Note: If you make changes to the Crew complement, you must reload the Roster Gantt.

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