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Generate Paycheck wizard

You can create 3 types of paycheck, Primary - Remaining - Supplementary
Period Rule:
This option will filter the periods.
Released roster periods
HR Filter
Payment Type
Select the kind of paycheck. Primary, Remaining or Supplementary 
Derives from Ranks
Derives from Bases
Line Type:
LR-Line Reserve or LH-Line holder. Derives from Special Roles specified in Setup parameter PayrollLineTypeSpecialRoles
Special Roles:
Derives from Special Roles specified in Setup parameter PayrollSpecialRolesFilteringOption
Derives from Equipment Qualifications
Search Result:
Special Payment: You can add special payments by selecting a calculator and a value. the value will be added to the selected crew. This option is normally used in the Supplementary phase.
Generate: This will generate the Paycheck, You will get a confirmation on the screen of how many paychecks that has been created/failed.
Generate Paybucket Summary: This will create a CSV file.

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