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RostAct Action

RostAct Action is a concept that can be used to change or replace the attributes of an assigned activity.
What is needed:
Reference activities
Special roles
Roster filters
RostAct Action
RostAct Action group
Reference activities:
Make sure you have the appropriate reference activities.
Special roles:
Roster filters:
RostAct Action New Hire:
This Action will place a Roster Designator "T" on a New Hire when you assign a flight who has the special role "NHFD" and if it is a flight activity.
Because the action is of type "New" it will happen automatically.
RostAct Action Sick:
This action will apply to a Reference activities and it will replace the assigned activity with the "Sick" activity.
It will not happen automatically.
RostAct Action Group:
You can use the Group function to have many rules that all will do the same action.
In this example Flights and reference activities will be changed.
Mark the activities you want to change, right click and select the Actio option.
A drop down list will show the available rules.
We select SICK and the original assigned activity will be changed to SICK


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