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Return to Ramp

You can use this icon to access the Return to Ramp window:

The function Return to ramp (or RTR) is used for an aircraft that is off-blocks but not yet airborne, and for some reason, it needs to return to the ramp. 

To use RTR and send out the related messages:

  1. Right-click the flight leg and select Irregular ‘RTR’. 
  2. Enter all the required information. Also, you can select the option to create a continuing flight on the bottom part of the window.                                                                                         
  3. Click the SAVE button to update the information and process the messages.                                  
  4. The flight information then will look like this.  

In the Gantt, you will get this view:

The green leg is the time between Block-Off and RTR, while the yellow leg is the continuing flight.

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