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General Declaration

User rights

The user rights shown below need to be enabled in order to view the General Declaration report:

Viewing the General Declaration report

To view the report, go to Human Resource -> General Declaration. Below is a description of the following fields available.


  • Report Filter: Choose a template that was saved previously from the dropdown list.
  • Valid From/Valid To: Define the period for which you need to create a report.
  • Template Name: To use custom configurations in the future, enter a template name and save.
    • Public: The report template can be edited and reviewed by other users.
    • Protected: Other users have no permission to edit the report template.
    • Private: The report template is available only for the user who created it.
  • Sorting: Choose the sorting option. You can set ascending or descending order by clicking one of the radio buttons.  
  • Filter: Choose a filter from a dropdown list. New filters can be created in HR Filters.
  • Time Mode: You can choose a time mode from the dropdown list.  
  • Period Template: You can choose a period template from the dropdown list. You can also add several days before the period and several days after the period if you need to create a report for the specific period. 
    • Note: that Valid From and Valid To dates are not available for editing as these dates are set automatically according to the chosen period.  
  • Frequency: You can adjust the weekdays that you want to be displayed in the report.  
  • Include fields: Choose to include and/or show Date Of Birth, Gender, Nationality, Expiry date, and Operator.
  • Show crew rank instead of Assigned Rank: For example, if a Capt is down-ranked as First Officer, they will be displayed as Captain.
  • Document (PP - Passport): Choose the type of document from the dropdown list that you need to display in the report.
  • Document (LIC - Crew license): Choose the type of license from the dropdown list that you need to display in the report.
  • Excluded Roster Designators: Exclude crews with the selected roster designator.


The crew data on the report comes from the Passport and Crew License in their HR.

  • Passport: Ensure you have created a valid Passport document in their HR section. All mandatory fields must be filled in.

  • Document: Ensure you have created a valid License in their HR section. All mandatory fields must be filled in.

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