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Hotel Wizard


Define Hotel

New hotels can be defined and edited from: Editors > Location > Hotel
Note: If you have two (or more) stations that are served by the same hotel, add them under "Add Station"
Hotels are defined as Agreement Type: 'Adhoc' or 'Fixed' 
If the room is Fixed (contracted) , then the user can also define the validity, frequency, number of available rooms, the price, and room type etc - see below:

Add hotel activity - One Crew member

The easiest way to add a hotel activity to a single crew member is manually:
Crew member requires hotel accommodation.
Select the ground activity HOTEL from the list.
Select the Assign Activity button
Point the cursor to the approximate point on the crew roster where the hotel activity should start.
Hold the LEFT button down and drag to the approximate point on the roster where the hotel activity should end.
You do not have to be absolutely accurate with this as the next step is to edit the activity to define the exact times.
When you release the left mouse button the hotel activity should appear on the roster. 
Point your cursor at the hotel activity and click the RIGHT mouse button.'
Select the EDIT icon to change the times of the hotel activity. Change the start and end times (and date if required) to match the requirement for the hotel stay. 
If required, the hotel name and booking status can be set at this point as well.
Now, save the changes and all is set.
Note: adding the Hotel activity or changing the hotel name details will trigger a crew revision if the roster period has been published.


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