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Aircraft Wizard


Aircraft wizard is a tool that allows you to setup the aircraft legality counters of the entire fleet or a subset of it. For example, if you introduce a new aircraft to your fleet, you can add the accumulated hours, cycles into N-OC in order to get the “lifetime” included in the calculation.
When opening the Aircraft Wizard, you have the option to update calculators on all the fleet, a filtered selection or for selected set of aircraft (vehicles)
Process all vehicles
you have the option to consider only active vehicles or all vehicles in the database. 
This means that you can work with all available registration at once.
Process filtered vehicles 
opens the aircraft filter drop down list, from there you can select the relevant filter
Process selected vehicles
Opens a table with the list of available aircraft, where you can select the aircraft or set of aircraft to use
Click on the “Next” button to define the operation to perform.
You can update the legality status of vehicles, basically remove old warnings and/or remove accumulated values as well as update the accumulated values of the aircraft.
CPU Boost:
If you need to update a very long period it can take a while to finish the run. It might increase the speed if you tick this option.
Selecting the first option takes you to the option where you can reset the calculators for the selected aircraft or reset the violations. 
You can do both options in the same run, but it is not recommended as it will take a long time and maybe kill the CPU. 
Legality Violations:
Will not be included in the run
Reset violations
Recalculate the rules.
Clear violations
Clear legality warnings
Accumulated values: 
Will not be included in the run
Recalculate the values
Clear the stored values.
When resetting accumulated values you have the option to select a specific counter. Once you have selected your options, click ok. Before the process is launched you will see a confirmation setting. You also have the option to receive a confirmation email to an address that an be changed in the same window.
Flight Hours
Active Sector Count
Sectors excluding return to ramp.
Actual Sector Count
Counting only sectors with airborne times (TakeOff and TouchDown)
Best Airborne block hours (if TakeOff and TouchDown times are not present, then estimated)
Block hours
Sector Count
All sectors
Update the accumulated values
With this option you can Update the accumulated values for an aircraft, you will get to a window where you can select the aircraft and counter to be defined. (It might be initially empty). 
Add New
To add a new line, click on “Add New”. A new row will be added.
Select one of the available labels.
Note: The Value time is of the format H:MM
The ruleset has some predefined calculators that should be used in the measure tool
Total Actual Airborne Hours including imported + actual airborne hours
Total Actual Aircraft Cycles including imported + actual cycles
Total Airborne Hours including imported, actual and scheduled ABH 
Total Aircraft Cycles including imported, actual and scheduled cycles


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