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Roster Gantt

To view the Roster Gantt, you can write it in the Search function in the menu:

Alternatively, you can use the Human Resources tab then click the Rosters icon:

If you predefine Rosters as a Favorite in User Preferences, it displays here:

Another way to open the Roster Gantt is to select CTRL + ALT + r  or AltGR + r. Once you open the Roster Gantt and load period, it displays like this:

The crewmembers and rosters display on the lower window with the schedule on the upper window.

The contents of Roster Gantt

Upper Window:

Lower Window:

Filter Search and Sort

The Gantt is divided into four windows: an upper part with two windows and a lower part with two windows. The Filter Search and Sorting apply to the window it resides. The content in the dropdown boxes depend on which window you are working in.

The Eye option is a quick function for you to control what you see on the screen.

Note: The display settings are not saved. To go back to default settings, you have to close the Gantt. Permanent settings are made in the Web under User Preference.

Depending on the window and view, you have different options to choose from. Common options for all views are: 

  • Row heights
  • Opacity
  • Height.


Row HeightAdjusts size of each row in the Gantt.

Defines schedule and/or operation puck. Drag the leg opacity to the left to view the original schedule. Drag it back to the right to view the operational situation again.

HeightThe height of the leg or activity.

Select an Activity button

Activate the button and click or drag on an activity. Hold the Ctrl key and drag over an activity has the same effect.

Select a Reference activity

You must select the Reference activity you want to use, then activate the button shown below. The cursor changes to the date and time of where you are pointing.

In the dropdown list, you find all reference activities

Reference activities of Data type "Vehicle" will be shown in Roster Gantt when "Company Activity" has been selected. For all other views, Reference activities of Data type "Human Resource" are shown.

The last selected reference activity is shown to the right. When you click the Activity box, you can scroll through the used activities in this session.



The ruler is used to calculate something over a period. Activate the ruler, hold the left mouse, and drag over a period. The first time you use the ruler it might be without calculators.


Click the ruler in the window.


Select a calculator and Save. You can add multiple calculators.

The calculated value now displays.


Depending on the window, it opens a Move dialog.


This opens a Map where you can zoom in or out.


Depending on the window, it opens a Wizard dialog.


Depending on the window, it allows you to use different kinds of filters, such as Leg, Activity, or Human Resources filter.


Depending on the window, it allows you to search for different kinds of items, such as flights, activities, crew, or rank to be displayed and highlighted.

You need to choose “label” in the dropdown and write what you are looking for in the textbox.

Your match is marked in blue and moved up to the top in the window.


Depending on the window, it opens a Statistics dialog.


The Tasklist displays on the right side of the screen.

You can close it using the X and reopen from the toolbar in the top.

The below image are features that are Not in Use.

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