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To enter Departure time information for a flight and send out the related messages, right mouse click on the flight leg and select the Dep icon.
Notice that the user cannot click on Next until the delay code(s) have been added.
If "always Recalculate" is ticked you only need to enter the "Block Off" times. The system will calculate the TakeOff, Touchdown and Block On base on the schedule times and the default taxi times.
Delays: The sum of the delays is automatically calculated and checked against the total delay (Difference between STD and ATD). 
If it is not correct the sum will be shown in red.
In the upper part of the window you will see the definition of the delay code.
The display order of the delay codes are controlled by the setup parameter DelayCodeFormatIATA
Enter a SI info, it will be included in the MVT message.
The note is displayed as a triangle on the top right side of the leg. 
Departed flights (aircraft off blocks) are shown on the Gantt in blue.
When you hold your mouse over the leg  triangle, the note is displayed.
AD0236/0246 EA0331 AAE
SI SI goes here
Before you save you get the option to view the message, and selectwho shall receive the message.
Mouse over the flight leg to see the tool-tip information  displayed.
Note: The triangle colours are set up in NoteTypes     

Company settings

The airlines can change the following settings in Editors > System > Setup
In this example, for delays between 1-5 minutes, the airline does not require a departure delay code to be entered in the departure window.

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