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Aircraft Categories

Click this list item to access Aircraft Categories:

Before you proceed, make sure that you have defined the following: Main Types.

<information on MainTypes needs to be added here or words above altered>

Follow these steps to create a new aircraft category:

  1. Click the NEW button to create a new aircraft category.  
  2. Enter the Name and the Shortcode in the appropriate fields.
  3. Dropdown to the appropriate Vehicle MainType.
  4. Click the Active and Default checkboxes as needed. The Default checkbox is optional to use.
  5. Click the SAVE button.

Dependent Prerequisite


Dependent prerequisite
Main Type
Aircraft Category
Turbo PropTMain Type
Aircraft TypeBritish Aerospace Jetstream 32
Main Type, Aircraft Category
Aircraft EquipmentStandard J32J32Aircraft Type
Aircraft ConfigurationY19Y19Load Class
Aircraft VersionJ32-1J32-1Aircraft Type, Aircraft Configuration
Aircraft RegistrationABCDE
Owner (Company), Prefix, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Version

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