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Fuel Loads

You can enter the Fuel Loads area by clicking this list item:

To search for fuel loads, type name in the search field and click the SEARCH button. 

The result displays in the same dialog window.



Creating a new Fuel Load

  • Click the NEW button to create a new fuel load.
  • Enter a text Name
  • Enter Shortcode.
  • Select the Active checkbox if the fuel load is to be used. 


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Once the parameters are defined, select the SAVE button. The information is committed to the database and the new entry appears in the existing list of items. To discard a new item before saving, select the CANCEL button. The information will be removed and the window closed. 


Editing an existing Fuel Load 

To edit fuel loads, click the EDIT button. If more than one fuel load is needed to be edited, select the appropriate checkboxes. After clicking the EDIT button, each item appears in a separate window and can be edited.

Once the required amendments have been made, select the SAVE button to commit the changes to the database. To discard changes, click the CANCEL button.


Copying an existing Fuel Load

Copy an existing Fuel Load by selecting the checkbox for an existing fuel load and click the COPY button. The Edit dialogue window is displayed and the new parameters can be entered. To save changes, click the SAVE button. To discard changes, click the CANCEL button. 


Deleting existing Fuel Loads

Fuel loads that are no longer required can be deleted by clicking the DELETE button. To delete multiple fuel loads, select checkboxes of appropriate loads and click the DELETE button.


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