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Specify all the crew bases used by the company.
The definition of a Base is that it is where the crew origin and always must return to the Base to avoid station conflicts
Select the NEW radio button to create a new base. The following window is displayed.
Name: Mandatory free text in the dialogue box (max 100 characters).
Short Code:  short code for the base (max 5 characters).
Active:  if the base is to be used.
Base Type: select HUB (network planning) or HUMAN RESOURCE (crew planning).
Parent Base: If the base has a connection to a Parent Base select the appropriate option from the drop down list.
Station: Select the 3 letter IATA code for the station that the base refers to and select a Valid From and Valid To date. Once these parameters are defined select the Add button. 
For the system to work correct the Base IATA code must be added in the station list.


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