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SCHD - Schedule

Icons & Tabs
Actual timesEditing flight leg information, such as ATD, ATA, Total delay time and reasons, PAX in a grid.
Menu - Schedule - Actual Times
Call SignsSetup of (ATC) Callsigns, i.e. Alphanumeric.
Menu - Schedule - Call Sign
CateringCatering most be combined with Catering grid – Activity info.
Menu - Schedule - Catering
Catering (Grid)CateringMenu - Schedule - Catering
Catering Load ReportReport Catering loaded for flights
Menu - Schedule Admin - Catering Load Report
Catering Master ReportMaster Report for all flights
Menu - View - Catering Master Report
Compare Schedule ReportReportMenu - View - Compare Schedule Report
Connection TypeConnection types definition for Crew and PAX
Menu - Schedule Admin - Connection Types
Critical ConnectionSetup PAX MCT (Minimum Connection Times)
Menu - Schedule - Critical Connections
Daily Departures ReportReport
Menu - View - Daily Departures Report
Daily Flight ReportReportMenu - View - Daily Flight Report
Disruption ReportReportMenu - View - Disruption Report
Duty Extension Overview ReportReportMenu - Schedule - Duty Extension Overview Report
Dynamic Slot ReportReportMenu - View - Dynamic Slot Report
Fleet TrackerOpen Fleet or Crew Map
Menu - Schedule, Roster & Schedule Gantt - Fleet Tracker
Flight PlanFlight Plan data from NFP
Schedule - Leg Info (Activity Info)
Form200 - Monthly Air Traffic ReportReportSchedule - View - Monthly Air Traffic Report
Fuel LoadsCreate basic fuel information
Menu - Schedule - Fuel Loads
Incorrect MessagesView/Edit Incorrect messages
Menu - Schedule - Incorrect Messages
Inflight Service CodeCreate Inflight Service codes
Menu - Schedule - Inflight Service Codes
Info (Activity)Activate various rights incl. ARR and DEP gate.
Menu - Schedule (Gantt) - right-click a leg
KPI Operations
ReportMenu - View - KPI Operations
Leg Complement Rules (Company Activity)Leg complement rules
Menu - Schedule - Leg Complement Rules
Legal Exception (Company Activity)Setup legal exception on Leg
Menu - Schedule - Legal Legal Exceptions
Leg Filters (Company Activity)Leg FiltersMenu - Schedule - Leg Filters
Leg Legal Exceptions (Company Activity)Activity Info
Menu - Schedule - Leg Legal Exceptions
Leg ReportLeg filters
Menu - Schedule - Leg Filters
LoadLoad ClassMenu - Schedule - Load
Load Information CodesSetupMenu - Schedule - Load Information Codes
Load ReportReportMenu - View - Load Report
May FlyReportMenu - View - MayFly
Meal CodesCreate meal codesMenu - Schedule - Meal Codes
On Time Performance ReportReportMenu - View - On Time Performance Report
Operations StatisticsReportMenu - View - Operation Statistics
PrefixesCreate Airline PrefixMenu - Schedule -  Prefixes
ReasonCreate Reason CodesMenu - Schedule - Reasons
RQM Times
Create RQM messagesSchedule
RON ReportRemains Over Night ReportMenu - View - RON Report
RON Report (Condensed)Station Overnight Report
Menu - Schedule Admin- RON Report
Create Roundtrips - customer specific
Menu - Schedule - Roundtrip
Rotation PlanReportMenu - View -  Rotation Plan
RPL (Repetitive FPL)RPL Maintenance
Menu - Schedule - RPL FPL
Schedule Summary ReportReportMenu - View - Schedule Summary Report
Schedule Violation ReportReportMenu - View - Schedule Violation Report

Schedule Gantt and create new schedule in Roster & Schedule Gantt.

The DEL button is linked to MISC MISC-Ad Hoc and Ad Hoc schedule.

Roster Gant and Schedule Gantt - Schedules
ScheduleTransactionsView Schedule transactions
Menu – Schedule, Roster & Schedule Gantt on flight leg -Hist. Schedule
Services Type CodesCreate Service Type Codes
Menu - Schedule - Services Type Codes
Slot and Slot WizardCreate slot messages
Menu - Schedule - Schedule Gantt - Slot Wizard
Slot CancelCancel slotMenu - Schedule - SlotCancel
Slot FiltersFilter setupMenu - Schedule - Slot Filters
Special Meal CodesMeal code setupMenu - Schedule - Special Meal Codes
Standard Schedule ReportsReportMenu - View - Standard Schedule
Station OperationsStation Operations ListMenu - Schedule - Stations Operations
Station RoutesStation route setupMenu - Schedule - Station routes
Station Period Slot LevelSetup tableMenu - Schedule - Station Period Slot Level
SuffixesSetup suffix
Menu - Schedule - Suffixes
Traffic Restriction CodesSetup tableMenu - Schedule - Traffic Restriction Codes
Traffic Restriction Qualifierssetup tableMenu - Schedule - Traffic Restriction Qualifiers
Turnaround EventsSetup tableMenu - Schedule - Turnaround Events
Turnaround Rulessetup table for Ground Times
Menu - Schedule - Turnaround Rules

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