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Own List

To access the Own List, click this icon:


  1. The Own List can be found under Menu.
  2. Click the System tab.
  3. Click the Own List subtab. 

When the user creates an Own list, it results in a list of information which can be used in a dropdown list for reports. The titles for each dropdown list are created in Custom columns.

It is the list where you define anything that must be listed in order to ensure smooth communication with the catering company:

  • 1st Service
  • 2nd Service
  • Catering Loading Points (Stations)
  • Crew Meals, etc. 

Note: the Own List and Custom Columns must be set (toggled) in the User Groups functions and the settings customized. Also, must be set up correctly for the overall catering application to work properly.


At the moment, this is only used for Catering, however, it will be used for other functionalities in the future. 


Create a new Own List item

  1. Fill in the Name in the respective field. This is a mandatory field.
  2. Select the Active checkbox.
  3. Add Shortcode and Meal names if applicable.

To access Custom Columns, click this tab:

The columns in the above catering grid after Opnumber, such as from Pantry to Crew Meals, may be customized.

Note: Columns Priority, Filter, Filter2, Prefix, and Opnumber are fixed. They cannot be changed or customized.

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