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Station operation messaging

When you enter information in the Station Operations Dialog, the data will go directly into N-OC. It will not trigger an event. If you need to feed other systems, you have to create a Business Job


Integration factory

  1. Build the message you want to send.
  2. Create a Message Body of Data type "Company Activity".
  3. Build the message. In this example, it is a TypeB LDM. Note: If you want to send the LDM message by email, it is recommended to have a "subject" template.


  1. We will create a Legfilter that will check if the "TotalActulCompartmentLoad" is greater than one.  

  2. Click the SAVE button.
  3. Click Data Element ‘Expression’.
  4. Click the dropdown to search and select ‘TotalActulComparmentLoad’ list item.

Business Job

  1. Create a business job where you have attached the Filter and message templates.

  2. The business job will check every 60 seconds if there is a change to the Load on the flights. If it finds a change, it will create a message.

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