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Before the user can work in the Schedule Gantt (Creating flights, inserting Maintenance checks etc), there must be a defined season.
This is what the user will see when you try to create a new flight schedule, if you have not first defined a season:
Click on New to create a new season. (Alternatively, the user use the 'Copy' function).
Season type
The length of the season
Planning start/End
The planning period where the schdule hasn't been published
Publish date
The date when the season is published. (release of SSIM file)
Archive date
Date when the season is Archived and closed for changes.
Generate IATA seasons
This option will auto generate 10 years of IATA seasonsbased on the last sunday in March and October
When the user clicks on Save, the new season is then added  to the list.
The Start/End fields are the defined season period.
The Planning/Publish period fields do not have any effect on N-OC functionality. They are intended more for information purposes for the user(s).


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