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In this article, we will explain how to set up Catering functionality in N-OC. 


Long term planning Catering

The Catering Master Report is used by tour operators for long term planning of catering needs and to inform the catering stations well in advance. 


This report is designed so that the caterers have the information for the type of meals to be served, equipment needed, and how and where the equipment should be loaded.


The report has two sections:

  • Standard columns', which are not modifiable from the Catering Grid
  • 'Additional columns', where the user can create and modify columns and lists and display them in the catering Grid (see below).

Generically, Catering is divided into 3 parts with 2 set-ups in the system menu to be configured.

  1. Part 1Catering           
  2. Part 2Catering Master Report       
  3. Part 3: Catering Load Report       
  4. Part 4: Special Meal Codes       
  5. Part 5: Flight Activity Info - Catering    


Set-up 1    -    Own List                   

Set-up 2    -    Custom Columns       

Note: See ‘Own List’ and ‘Custom Columns’ detailed help article for set-up and details

Part 1: Catering - Standard columns (fixed):       

  • Priority arrows
  • Leg filters 1 and 2
  • Prefix
  • Opnummer (Flight number)

Additional columns (modifiable; examples):

  • Catering station
  • 1st Service
  • 2nd service
  • Category
  • Pantry
  • Store
  • Crew Meal note
  • Note
  • etc.


Part 2: Catering Master Report         


The layout is created by using dialogue windows: 'Own List',  'Custom Columns' and Catering Grid. 

These columns and lists are then displayed in the Catering Grid dialogue (see below). 


  • Columns Priority > Opnumber are not modifiable.
  • All columns to the right of Opnummer are modifiable.  

Filter functions:

Near to the 'Day of operations'


Tour Operators -  have an allotment of seats, (by compartments/class), made available to them by a specific airline. 


Closer to the day of operations, N-OC receives data from the Tour Operators as a text file, reads the timetable and creates a report for each catering company by station.


The text file includes: 

  • Total number of passengers - defined by: Adults, Children, Infants and compartment.  
  • Passenger names for special meal requirements (using standard meal codes). 


Part 3: Catering Load Report
This text file updates a  "Catering Load Report" which is used by the catering companies and crew onboard. 


For example, this report may be sent to crew Ipads on the aircraft, and/or to handling agents.  

Filter options:

Part 4: Special Meal Codes                    

To search for special meal codes type the name in the search field and click SEARCH.  The result will be displayed in the same dialog window.

Note: For N-OC to be able to process this data, 'Special Meal Codes' need to be defined in N-OC. (Located under: Menu > Schedule > Special meal codes).

Part 5: Flight Activity Info - Catering

Catering load information displayed on the schedule gantt on a particular leg

  1. The catering information is also displayed on each flight leg. Right click on the leg and select 'Info' and 'Catering'.    
  2. Go to the catering tab        
  3. The loaded catering (meals, special meals, etc.) can be viewed                            
  4. …and altered if necessary



Dependent prerequisite

Own List

When you create an OWN list, it results in a list of information which can be used in a dropdown list, (The titles for each dropdown list are created in 'Custom columns'.

Custom Columns

Own List

Company Type

This needs to be added by your administrator




Tour Operator

Company Type

Load Type

Economy, Business, First Class etc (Hard coded list)


Load Class


Tour operator allotment of seats, Compartments (Load Class).

Optional : 

  • Filter
  • Prefix
  • Flight number

Company, Allotment (Type) -(Hardcoded list) , Load Class.

Catering Grid

All dependencies are optional

(Leg) Filter1, Filter2, Prefix, Flight Number, Catering Station, Own List, Custom Columns.

Catering Master Report

This report is for long term planning.

Special Meal Codes


Catering Load Report

Own List, Custom Columns, Catering Grid, Special Meal Codes, Meal Codes, Allotment.

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