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Delete a Note

There are several ways to delete Notes. Information can be found on below Note types:

  • Roster Note
  • Crew Note
  • Day Note
  • Aircraft Note
  • Activity Note

User rights

The user rights shown below controls your ability to create, edit, delete, and view a note.

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Roster Note

  1. Mark the activity (Ctrl + left click)
  2. Click the Delete Note icon.

Note: Whether you have one or several Notes, all will be deleted.

You will get a warning that you are about to delete Note(s).

You can also delete a Note(s) from the Note icon window choosing one by one.

Crew Note

  1. Right-click the crew to get the menu. 
  2. Click the Del icon. 
  3. The crew note will be removed, but you´ll get a warning before deleting.

Note: If you have multiple Notes, the last Note will be deleted and you need to do the same procedure again to remove the others.

To select one specific Note, use the Note icon.

Choose your Note and press the DELETE icon.

Day Note

  1. Right-click the day.
  2. Click the Del icon. 
  3. No warning will be displayed if you only have one Note

If you have several Day Notes, no matter what kind of Note, you will get a warning message, when clicking the Delete Icon.

Note: To Delete one Note by one, use the Note Icon, choose your Note and Delete. 

Aircraft Note

To delete an Aircraft Note in schedule gantt:

Activity Note 

  1. To delete an Activity Note, right-click the activity.
  2. Click the Note icon.

Select the Note you wish to remove and click the DELETE button.

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