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HR Documents

Prerequisites: Before you proceed, make sure that you have first defined the following (click on the links for more information about these items):
·     Document Types
·     Human Resources Filters
In the setup - "Namedocument"  you can specify the system default document 
The number in () indicate the "detail" rules.
To create a new document click on 'New'.
Name: Mandatory
Shortcode: Mandatory
Document type: Select the Document Type 
Filter:  HR Filter (group of staff which will have this document in their profile).
Active: select 'Active' (and optionally Default).
In the Form Fields section, you can choose which details concerning the new document will be possible to enter into N-OC. You can also make them mandatory fields.
The Details section is currently not in use.
Quick Add:
Using the Quick Add button the user can easily add a document to a particular crew member.

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