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Department is used to link a crewmember to a cost center and is used in Ground tasks.

You can search, create, edit, copy, and delete a department:

  • Use the SEARCH input field and button to find a department by Name, ICAO code, and IATA code.
  • Use the NEW button to create a new department.
  • Check an existing department then click the EDIT button to make changes to that department.
  • Use the COPY button to duplicate an existing department and make changes to it.
  • Use the DELETE button to delete an existing department.

Each department has the following options to be filled out:

NameIt is the name of the department. This is a mandatory field.
ShortcodeThis is the abbreviated code of the department. This is a mandatory field.
Cost Centers


This is the cost centers that the department is linked to.
ActiveYou can choose if the Department is active or not by clicking the checkbox.

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