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User rights

You need to have the user right shown below and enabled to access Users.

User profiles

To access the Users, click this icon:

To be able to access N-OC, you need to be created as a user. The information created here is the basic information. If the user is a Human Resource user, additional information related to the crew must be entered.


Note: The optional information is not related to the data entered for the Human Resource.

Below are the descriptions of each of the fields:

  • User Name - This is the user's name. It is a mandatory field.
  • Password -This is the user's password. It is a mandatory field. 
  • First Name -This is the user's first name. It is an optional field. 
  • Last Name -This is the user's last name. It is an optional field. 
  • EMail -This is the user's email address. It is an optional field. 
  • Type B - This is the SITA address and an optional field. The parameter is optional, but if the user has permission to send SITA messages, there should be a SITA Originator address. If missing the message will go to an error box (or nowhere).
  • Phone - Enter the user's phone number.
  • Mobile - Enter the user's mobile number
  • VOIP - Enter the user's VOIP.
  • Human Resource - If the user is a crew member, there must be a link from this dropdown.
  • Copy User Preferences - This option allows you to copy your User Preferences to another User or UserGroup. Note that existing User Preferences will be overwritten. 
  • Active - This must be checked for the user to be active.
  • User Group - Select the group(s) the user belongs to. This derives from User Groups.

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