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Schedule Import

The Flight schedule import is a 4 step procedure.
Step 1:
Select a SSIM (Standard Schedule Information Message) file.
The wizard will detect if the import file is made in LOCAL or UTC time.
Step 2:
The wizard will check you database for errors such as missing:
Airline Prefix
You can let the wizard help fix version and configs problems.
Active/Create: Select if the wizard shall create and activate.
Create versions and configs: Will create versions and configs according to whats in the SSIM
Use default versions and configs: Will use the defaults from Versions and configs database.
Use/create simple versions and configs: A simple version and config will be created based on the SSIM.
Step 3:
Period: The default period is the one from the SSIM file, but you can select a different period.
Filter: Derives from Leg filters
Duplicate handling:
The duplicate handling is more like a compare and "do something". Depending on the above selection a correction/removal will be done to the found flight. 
Step 4:
Before you save you will get some statistics.
In the Info section you can Tick/untick to filter what you like to see in the result window.  Note that this has no effect on what changes will be made to your schedule.

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